oncoantigenOncoantigen Peptide Vaccine Therapy

Oncoantigen Peptide Vaccine Therapy

Oncoantigen Peptide Vaccine Therapy

What is oncoantigen peptide vaccine therapy?

A cancer antigen called “oncoantigen” is used, which is detected by investigating cancer tissues and lymphocytes infiltrating them and referring to a database.
Chemically synthesized peptides based on the predicted “oncoantigen” are administered as a vaccine to activate the immune cells specifically kill cancer.

Features of Oncoantigen Peptide Vaccine Therapy

The vaccine can be manufactured quickly for administration.

The type of white blood cells is examined and compared with an already established database to detect the presence of an “oncoantigen” in the cancer cells.
We can manufacture the vaccine for administration more rapidly than for the “neoantigen peptide vaccine therapy” that requires genomic analysis.

Abundant clinical data

This therapy is supported by sufficient scientific evidence, as many clinical research and studies were conducted.

Almost no serious side effects

Since oncoantigen peptide vaccine therapy activates your immune function, serious side effects are hardly observed.
However, as the treatment is administered by injection, temporary redness, swelling, and/or itching at the injection site, as well as slight fever, malaise, etc., may be observed as in the case of vaccination.

At NEO Clinic Tokyo, we provide the “oncoantigen peptide vaccine therapy” appropriately combined with other therapies following the policy of “precision medicine,” to maximize the therapeutic effect.