moleculeMolecular Targeted Therapy

Molecular Targeted Therapy

Molecular Targeted Therapy

老化細胞除去療法(senolytic therapy)

What is molecular targeted therapy?

Based on the analysis results at the genome/molecular level, this therapy uses “molecular targeted drugs,” which fight against specific molecules (proteins and genes) related to the growth of cancer cells to suppress the growth of cancer.

Characteristics of Molecular Targeted Therapy

Less burden on the body

Conventional anticancer drugs have demonstrated therapeutic effects by their ability to kill cancer cells.
However, many anticancer drugs attack not only cancer cells but also normal cells; therefore, many of them were associated with severe side effects.
By contrast, molecular targeted drugs target specific molecules that cause cancer cells to grow and metastasize and therefore cause less damage to normal cells than conventional anticancer drugs.
Although they are not totally free of side effect, the patients’ physical burden can be reduced compared with conventional anticancer drugs.

Predictable Efficacy of Molecular Targeted Drugs

The therapeutic effects of many molecular targeted drugs can be predicted by examining the expression of certain gene mutations and specific proteins, using tissues or blood samples obtained through surgery or biopsy.
By understanding the potential effects of the drug in advance, we can likely mitigate the risks and reduce the physical and mental burdens on patients.

Types of Molecular Targeted Drugs

Depending on the target molecule, a variety of molecular targeted drugs are available, including EGFR inhibitors, ALK inhibitors, HER2 inhibitors, angiogenesis inhibitors, mTOR inhibitors, BCR-ABL inhibitors, and agents targeting the membrane differentiation antigen.
The methods of administration of molecular targeted drugs include drip infusion and oral administration. All of these methods can be expected to maximize the therapeutic effect by administering them alone or in combination with other treatments or anticancer drugs.

At NEO Clinic Tokyo, we provide the “molecular targeted therapy” suitable for each patient following the policy of “precision medicine,” to maximize the therapeutic effect.

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