neoantigenNeoantigen Peptide Vaccine Therapy

Neoantigen Peptide Vaccine Therapy

Neoantigen Peptide Vaccine Therapy

What is neoantigen peptide vaccine therapy?

It uses a cancer antigen called “neoantigen” identified by analyzing the gene mutations in cancer cells (genome analysis).
Chemically synthesized peptides based on the identified “neoantigen” are administered as a vaccine to activate cancer-specific immune cells in each patient.

Characteristics of Neoantigen Peptide Vaccine Therapy

Highly immunogenic* due to the use of antigens that are only expressed in cancer cells

Used for peptide vaccine therapy, several “oncoantigens” are commonly found in cancer cells, but a small number of them are also expressed in normal cells.
On the contrary, “neoantigen” is an antigen expressed only in cancer cells, but not in normal cells.
For this reason, “neoantigen peptide vaccine” has a very high immunogenicity.

*The degree of an ability to cause an immune response in the body

Easier to induce antitumor immunity*

“Neoantigen” is a cancer antigen specific to each patient at the genetic level, identified by genomic analysis using a next-generation sequencer.
For this reason, “neoantigen peptide vaccine” based on this cancer antigen can easily to induce antitumor immunity.

*Immunity that suppresses the growth of cancer cells or kills them

Almost no serious side effects

Since neoantigen peptide vaccine therapy activates your immune function, serious side effects are hardly observed.
However, as the treatment is administered by injection, temporary redness, swelling, and/or itching at the injection site, as well as slight fever, malaise, etc., may be observed as in the case of vaccination.

At NEO Clinic Tokyo, we provide the “neoantigen peptide vaccine therapy” appropriately combined with other treatment methods following the policy of “precision medicine,” to maximize the therapeutic effect.