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Cancer Treatments at NEO Clinic Tokyo

At NEO Clinic Tokyo, we pursue “precision medicine” as the basic policy of cancer treatment, which comprises genetic cancer analysis and selection and implementation of an optimal therapy suitable for individual patients.

Due to the limitations in Japan’s current health insurance program, even if a potentially effective drug is found through genetic analysis, such a drug is often uncovered by the insurance and therefore cannot be prescribed in regular hospitals.

At NEO Clinic Tokyo, we offer a broad range of treatments that complement standard therapies covered by the health insurance program, from prevention/diagnosis of cancer to “cancer immunotherapy” called the fourth pillar of cancer care, as well as “molecular targeted therapy” using molecular targeted drugs. By appropriately combining cutting-edge medical care, mainly “cancer genomic medicine,” with standard therapies, we will provide “next-generation tailored treatment” for each patient.
In addition, we are also making efforts to improve patients’ quality of life and enable them to maintain their daily activities, by providing adjuvant cancer therapies such as “treatment of malignant ascites” and “exercise therapy for cancer care.”

We provide harmonized medical services from all perspectives and total support for cancer patients to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect.

NEO Clinic Tokyo’s Overview of Cancer Treatment

① Know the characteristics of cancer cells

Genomic analysis to investigate the genetic abnormalities in cancer cells(genomic medicine)

70%–90% of total

10%–30% of total

② Find an optimal treatment

No drug is indicated for patients with a genetic abnormality.

A drug is indicated for the genetic abnormality.

Molecular targeted therapy

③ Offer combined immunotherapy for cancer

We offer personalized treatment for each patient, such as “neoantigen peptide vaccine therapy,”“oncoantigen peptide vaccine therapy,”“cancer immunotherapy ” “cytokine therapy,” and “immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy.”

④ Provide adjuvant therapies

Mainly provide “treatment of malignant ascites” and “exercise therapy” to maintain and improve the QOL of each patient


Selection of treatments included in combined immunotherapy for cancer by disease stage and goal

At NEO Clinic Tokyo, we offer “combined immunotherapy for cancer,” based on “peptide vaccine therapy,” such as neoantigen peptide vaccine therapy or oncoantigen peptide vaccine therapy, according to the patient’s disease stage and treatment goal.
Individual treatment plans are formulated according to the disease stage and goal of each patient, for example, a current standard therapy received for advanced cancer, unresponsiveness to anticancer drugs, and willingness to prevent recurrence after surgery.
The following treatment menus are examples. The drugs and schedule used for the actual treatment vary depending on the patient.