liquid_biopsyLiquid biopsy cancer test

Liquid biopsy cancer test

Liquid biopsy cancer test

What is the liquid biopsy cancer test?

Liquid biopsy is a testing method that uses body fluids such as blood to examine the presence and the nature of diseases and is also used in the prevention of cancer and planning of treatment.
Compared with conventional biopsy in which tissues are collected and examined, this method can be repeated with less burden on the body.

Cancer is a disease caused by genetic abnormalities, and the causative genetic abnormalities differ from person to person.
Liquid biopsy cancer test allows the early identification and diagnosis of cancer following the detection of genetic abnormalities in a very small amount of cancer cells flowing in the blood.
The test results can also be used to develop optimal treatment strategies tailored for each patient.

NEO Clinic Tokyo’s Liquid Biopsy Cancer Test

The NEO Clinic Tokyo, focuses on preventing cancer and implementing measures to extend the healthy life expectancy of all people including cancer patients.
Liquid biopsy cancer test detects a “cancer risk” prior to its onset and helps prevent cancer development and determine the appropriate measures.
In addition, the clinic provides treatment to reduce the risk of developing cancer, such as “cancer immunotherapy” and “senolytic therapy” if the “cancer risk” has been detected.