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Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

What is precision medicine?

“Precision medicine” is defined as a medical care approach that involves tailoring of treatment to the individual characteristics of a patient. It is intended for not only cancer patients but also patients with other types of diseases.
However, it is actually very difficult to select “the most suitable treatment for each patient,” as each patient has a different physical characteristic, etc.
In the case of cancer, the causative gene abnormality may differ depending on the patient, even if the cancer is found in the same organ.

With advances in medical technology and the advent of a device called “next-generation sequencer” that analyzes genes faster and more reasonably than before, genetic abnormalities in cancer cells of each patient can be examined.
Therefore, more details about the nature of cancer in each patient can be identified.

This is how “precision medicine” was established for cancer treatment, that is, to provide an optimal treatment for each patient based on the results of the genetic analysis of cells.
“Precision medicine” in cancer treatment covers a broad spectrum, from prevention and diagnosis of cancer to administration of drugs including molecular targeted drugs as well as “cancer immunotherapy” called the fourth pillar of cancer care.

At NEO Clinic Tokyo, we pursue this “precision medicine” as the basic policy of cancer treatment and provide “next-generation tailored treatment.”