genomeCancer Genomic Medicine

Cancer Genomic Medicine

Cancer Genomic Medicine

What is cancer genomic medicine?

Unlike conventional diagnosis and treatment of a cancerous organ, cancer genomic medicine involves diagnosis, development of treatment strategies, and selection of molecular targeted drugs, based on the genomic information of individual cancer patients.

The causative gene abnormality may differ depending on the patient, even if the cancer occurs in the same area.
At NEO Clinic Tokyo, we comprehensively analyze the genomic information and disease-related genes of patients using a next-generation sequencer to help in the diagnosis of diseases and selection of treatment strategies (clinical sequencing).
In addition, by comparing the results of the analyzed gene mutations with the latest clinical evidence, the optimal treatment strategy and molecular targeted drugs will be selected for each patient.

Flow of Cancer Genomic Medicine

[Reference] Results of genomic analysis using a next-generation sequencer (example)

Article of Dr. Hijikata, NEO Clinic Tokyo
Excerpt from “JCO Precision Oncology. 2020”