Cancer Treatment


Precision Medicine

At NEO Clinic Tokyo, we provide next-generation tailored treatment with our advanced technologies and experience cultivated in clinical research and studies at the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo, and Kyushu University Hospital, which are the leading bases for cancer treatment in Japan.

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Combined Immunotherapy for Cancer

At NEO Clinic Tokyo, we offer “combined immunotherapy for cancer,” based on “neoantigen peptide vaccine therapy” and “oncoantigen peptide vaccine therapy” primarily, combined with “cancer immunotherapy” “cytokine therapy,” “immune checkpoint inhibition therapy,” “molecular targeted therapy,” etc.


Home Visit

We can visit the homes of patients who have difficulty in going to our clinic for treatment.

オンライン診療 / 訪問診療

Online Visit

If you have difficulty accessing our clinic, you can schedule an online visit using your telephone, computer, or smartphone.


Second Opinion

We also actively offer a second opinion.

CancerCancer Treatment / Prevention

Cancer Immunotherapy

Unfortunately, sufficient therapeutic effects may not be obtained with the current three major standard therapies (surgery, anticancer drugs, and radiation therapy) in cases of advanced cancer.
A well-balanced combination of “cancer immunotherapy” that utilizes our natural immunity with standard therapies can be expected to create a synergy for greater therapeutic benefits.


Senolytic Therapy

For prevention and management of cancer, we provide tailored treatments, personalized for each individual’s physical condition based on their constitution and examination data.


Examples of treatments and results of patients who received combined immunotherapy for cancer are presented on our homepage.